Crystal glassware from the Czech Republic - tips for buyers - Деловая Газета Ленинградской области

Bohemia glasses are a simultaneous combination of style, harmonious shape, ideal material. Dishes from this brand perfectly reveal the taste of drinks and culinary masterpieces. The beautiful materials used for the production of the sets allow you to enjoy the taste and aesthetic components of the festive atmosphere every time. The Czech company “Bohemia” provides an opportunity to create a unique setting and add magic to various festive events. Bohemian glassware aleks crystal bohemia lead crystal for various drinks is united by a stylish, harmonious form that perfectly reveals the content.

How the Czech brand Bohemia came about

The first mentions of this brand appeared in 1162, but at that time the quality and beauty of kitchen products was not yet mentioned. Therefore, we can confidently assert that the ancient traditions and skills of glassblowers have been and are still used today.

The beauty of the material allows you to fully enjoy not only the taste, but also the aesthetic component and create a unique atmosphere of charm and magic. Already at the end of the 15th century, Bohemia products gained popularity, and all thanks to the high quality materials from which they are made. At that time, only Venetian glass could compete with Bohemian glass. The first chronicles of glass production in Bohemia date back to 1162.

After the 18th century the Bohemia brand has taken a leading position in the ranking of the highest quality and luxurious kitchen utensils.This peak in popularity was achieved thanks to an innovative innovation in the production process – the company began to produce artificial crystal using the addition of lead. This brand reached its highest popularity after the 18th century after the invention of the production of artificial crystal, by adding lead.

The first large-scale glass factory for the manufacture of tableware from this brand appeared in 1967 in a small Czech town called Svetlá nad Sazavou. The first batches of glasses were made by hand, but with the increasing relevance of products, it was decided to automate production. This did not in any way affect the quality of the manufactured products

Today Bohemian crystal and crystal is popular all over the world.

Where Bohemia glasses are most popular 

Crystal glassware from Bohemia has been at the peak of popularity for a long period of time. Branded glasses are considered a symbol of luxury, a magical holiday atmosphere. Even today, when new materials and advanced technologies appear in the world every day, Bohemian glass and crystal do not lose their relevance.

Glasses, dishes and other products using Czech glass are distinguished by melody and crystal clear sound .

Today, Bohemia products are known not only at home in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

Due to its territorial location and similar traditions , values, glasses made of Czech glass are especially in demand in the states of the former Soviet and modern European Union.Today, it is possible to meet the products of this company all over the world, as it is able to emphasize the significance of any event.

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